To drive lasting change in our City, United Way of New York City looks at the whole picture and deploys a comprehensive strategy for impact that goes beyond islands of success.



We look at the whole child

Our evidence-based strategies contribute to a child's well-being and ability to attain reading proficiency by third grade. 190 kindergarten–second grade students participated in a seven-week 2015 summer program in partnership with East Side House and Read Alliance. 89% of students increased their reading level overall, 25% by at least one academic year, and 45% read at or above grade level by the end of the program.

Take a mult-generational approach

Parents need the tools, resources, and training to reinforce learning in the home as their child's first teacher. 93% of ReadNYC parents who completed the six-week English as a Second Language program in partnership with Mercy Center saw language gains overall

And rally the community to create lasting change

Attendance teams, made up of staff, parents, and community partners, are building strategies and collecting data to create strong, sustainable attendance rates at each ReadNYC school.

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We connect communities to deserving children

In its first year, the Community Schools initiative served over 20,000 students at 45 schools and engaged the services of 26 community-based partner organizations, serving elementary, middle, and high school students and their families.

Deploy needed resources

All United Way Community Schools received monthly capacity-building resources including workshops, site visits, webinars, and coachings.

And ensure student success

Monthly forums are held to strengthen ongoing collaboration with members of the community, including parent leaders, school-based organizations, and partnering organizations.

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We nourish growing minds

In partnership with Just Food, FeedNYC operates Local Produce Link, a farm-to-food pantry program. For the 2015 growing season, 9 small-scale farmers delivered approximately 250,880 pounds of fresh vegetables to 48 food pantries across NYC.

Build strong collaborations

Our Seed Grant funds are targeted at urban farming initiatives in NYC to transform unused land into vital food-producing spaces. FeedNYC has funded 24 urban farming projects, including backyard farms, community garden plots, rooftop farms, and indoor and outdoor hydroponic systems.

And ensure our partners are thriving

FeedNYC supports food pantries that allow guests to select their own food in place of receiving a pre-packed bag of food. This support included the purchase of equipment for 10 emergency food providers.

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We provide access to benefits

Our Emergency Food and Shelter Program assists low-income New Yorkers on an emergency basis to prevent hunger, preserve housing, provide shelter, and support their basic energy needs.

Financial empowerment

The WorkNYC Financial Empowerment initiative provides financial capability services, including: tax preparation, financial assessment and coaching, banking assistance, and asset development, as well as organizational capacity building, to nonprofits and residents of the Mott Haven and Hunts Point sections of the Bronx.

And we close the skills gap

The WorkNYC Closing the Skills Gap program completed research and presented recommendations for strategies to improve industry employment, wages, skills, and career paths.

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We build capacity

Our BoardServeNYC program tracked increased effectiveness of 67 nonprofit boards, providing workshops in good governance, the placement of newly trained board members, and customized, full-board coaching that engaged 264 board members, along with Executive Directors.

Support our partners

United Way of New York City partnered with American Express and the Center for Creative Leadership to provide 31 nonprofit partners and 57 of their emerging leaders with American Express Leadership Academy’s five-day intensive leadership development training. The transformative program included six months of customized coaching for each emerging leader, as well as access to an online peer-learning community.

And strengthen our NYC nonprofits

BoardServeNYC grew the pool of trained board members available to the broader NYC nonprofit sector through day-long training sessions for 146 board candidates, primarily from the corporate world.

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