Reading proficiently is essential for the success of early learners as well as college students. But reading on grade-level by the end of third grade is the most critical milestone on the road to college and a career. 

In New York City, only one-third of our children read on grade-level by third grade, and only one in five children of color in the poorest neighborhoods accomplish that same goal. This proficiency gap results in a shockingly high likelihood of leaving school without a diploma, and a life of limited choices.

United Way of New York City is proud to launch ReadNYC, part of the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading to help more students read proficiently by grade three in underserved neighborhoods across the five boroughs. The Campaign will help  community partners prepare children for school, improve student attendance, and provide summer and extended learning. Building on our early education initiative in the Bronx, we will also support and engage educators and families to help our children succeed in school and break the cycle of poverty.

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