Spotlight on Sheena Wright: I Fight for Impact



Meet Sheena Wright! A New York City native and Columbia grad, Sheena became the first female President & CEO of United Way of New York City (UWNYC) in its 80 year history. Even before coming to UWNYC, Sheena believed, like Margaret Mead, that “a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” Underlying her commitment to our community is her belief in the transformative power of IMPACT. Here’s why Sheena fights for impact:   

"I fight for IMPACT because everything I do is about making a real difference in the lives of struggling New Yorkers.

"Impact is about moving the needle in measurable, demonstrable, and meaningful ways. It's about helping a struggling family gain the tools and resources to go from barely surviving—not having enough money to put food on the table or provide a roof over their children's heads—to being self-sufficient. We must move the needle not just for the few—but for the many. We can only be satisfied with impact at scale. We are NYC, we can and will achieve that worthy goal."

We couldn’t have said it better, Sheena!

Eighty years ago, our United Way founders called on us to make an impact. To change what it meant to be a New Yorker and help create a city where every individual has the chance to thrive. Ever since, we’ve mobilized the best ideas, relevant data, internal and external experts, and resources—from money to manpower—to create solutions that help families shift from surviving to thriving.

Our philosophy for impact focuses on children and parents at the same time. Through our two-generation approach, we strategically support families as a whole. We help children seize their full potential—achieving key milestones along the way, like reading on grade-level by third grade—while empowering their parents’ ability to build more stable homes.

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