Spotlight on Ruth Mojares: I Fight for Community



Meet Ruth Mojares! She’s the Assistant Vice President, HR Community Relations & Services at Brown Brothers Harriman, a long-time United Way of New York City (UWNYC) corporate partner. She’s also a proud mom of three. Ruth fights for “Community”, here’s why:   

"I fight for COMMUNITY because of the hard working individuals and families struggling to make ends meet who need our united support to help them succeed.  

As a working mom, I understand the challenges of providing financial support for my family while also giving my children the time and energy needed to help them achieve their academic goals and thrive as individuals. I am fortunate that I have been provided opportunities throughout my life and have a strong support system to help me succeed. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky.

Whether you’re a young female professional, working mom, and/or solely focused on caring for people in your family, each day we all have the power to lend a helping hand, influence policy, and urge others to join us in making tremendous, positive impact for those in need. Together, we can strengthen our communities from within."

Do you, like Ruth, believe that strong communities are key to helping all New Yorkers thrive?  

As we ready for our 12th Annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon and kick off UWNYC’s 80th Anniversary, we’re thinking a lot about the communities of diverse, influential women who have fueled our impact, believed in us, inspired us, and fought alongside us for New Yorkers in need. To date, our Women’s Leadership Council, a network of community-driven women, has raised more than $5 million for our youth empowerment programs.  

At our Luncheon on March 7, we’re eager to honor the impactful women who came before us and toast the next 80 years by bringing together hundreds of community-driven people to inspire, believe, and fight. By combining our unique influential powers, we can monumentally help New York City’s low-income families realize and seize their strength, dignity, and opportunities.

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