Spotlight on Kim Davis: I Fight for Leadership



Meet Kim Davis! She’s the EVP, Social Impact, Growth Initiatives & Legislative Affairs for the National Hockey League. She’s also one of our incredible honorees at our Women’s Leadership Council’s 12th Annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon on March 7, 2018.

As Kim rallies with us to celebrate the achievements of outstanding community-driven women and to fight for every New York City family's chance at thriving in the Big Apple, she will especially champion the need for an extraordinary type of leadership.      

"I fight for LEADERSHIP—leadership that’s rooted primarily in the desire to serve others and advance their well beings. I believe great leadership grows from exceptional stewardship, commitment to people, and building community. Leaders that are stewards participate, listen, and build consensus to lead with humility. They critically accept responsibility in successes and failures. Our future depends on the development and nurturing of leaders who aspire to serve first."

Like Kim, at United Way of New York City we believe that leadership and serving others are inextricable. In order to mobilize impact in NYC, we must be stewards to aligning the time, talents, and treasures of individuals like you, companies, community organizations, and government agencies. Unifying your passions to make a difference, ideas, and voices—this synergy—is key to moving families further faster toward their Big Apple dreams.     

Want to fight for every low-income New Yorker with Kim and us? Jump in the #powerofwomen conversation at @unitedwaynyc on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or get involved today!