Spotlight on Dyneesha Brown: I Fight for Progress



Meet Dyneesha Brown! She’s one of the incredible New York City public school teachers in our ReadNYC program in the South Bronx. Dyneesha fights for PROGRESS and, in no more than 80 words, here’s why:

"I fight for progress because as a multi-ethnic woman and educator it’s paramount that I empower our young learners and teach them how to confront and effect social injustice. The key is to continue my collective teamwork as an educator in my community with like-minded impact-makers that truly believe our children deserve strong quality education. In return, our young learners will soon be the voice of empowered leaders who will continue to work in ways that change attitudes and our value system."

Wow, now that’s a powerful "why." Do you, like Dyneesha, believe all children deserve a strong, quality education? Yes?

Well, what if we told you that children from low-income families, like the families we serve in the South Bronx, often don’t have access to a strong quality education. In fact, research shows us that kids from low-income families may hear up to 30 million fewer words than their more affluent peers by age three, and more than 60% of low-income families don’t have children’s books at home.  

Inevitably, this gap and lack of books impacts children’s performance at school—in New York City, six out of ten students are not reading on grade-level. Moreover, children who don’t read on grade-level by third grade are 74% more likely to drop out of high school—more likely to find themselves struggling to make ends meet as adults and continuing a devastating cycle of poverty.  

To empower children and break this cycle of poverty, we completely agree with Dyneesha. We must help families and communities as a whole, from the child who can’t read, to the educators who are under-resourced, to the parents who can’t make ends meet.  

That’s why our ReadNYC program takes a powerful, collective approach to help Dyneesha continue her fight for progress in the South Bronx. We’re bringing companies, nonprofit partners, foundations, government agencies, and individuals like you together to set and implement a comprehensive strategy that’s building access to quality education for children while empowering their parents’ or caregivers’ abilities to build more stable homes.

Want to join Dyneesha in her fight for progress? Join us at our 12th Annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon—highlighting the power of women and championing our ReadNYC program.